Tuesday, June 14, 2011

week 22 Sometimes nothing cleans it better than barf!

Thanks Emily for catching on to my subject title trend. I never know what to put for subject titles, but this way makes it easier.
Anyway, there is a cleaning brand here that everybody uses for everything, and it is called Barf. Thats right, barf. I love barf. I love this country. I'm pretty sure its actually from Russia, but its so good. I used it for a good couple of hours the other day to clean a less-active lady's windows. I had some good times with that barf. It smelled pretty good too, and left the windows streak-free haha.

Lets see..... This week started with Zone Conference on Tuesday. It was SO good. The theme was Christ-like attributes, and developing those attributes to better fulfill our purpose as missionaries. The whole day was just talks from the older missionaries on the attribute of their choice. It was a very spiritually up-lifting day, and as a result I want to be a better person. The attribute that I want to further develop (or really qualify for, as these are gifts from God and not something that can be learned), is Charity. I want to have more charity for these people so that I will be more motivated to talk to them, and so that I will recognize their divine potential and I will want to help them reach that. It is really discouraging when people reject we have to offer, especially because we know what a great blessing it will be to them, but as I have more charity, I feel like people will be able to see and sense that and be more open to hearing what we have to say and share. So, that is my goal and focus right now. Along with still improving with the language, and teaching clearly and in unity with my companion, and a whole long list. I'm tired. Haha. It's a lot of work being a missionary, and there is always so much more I could be doing and I could always be doing it so much better. This is the most humbling experience a person could ask for. So, zone conference was good, and now most of those missionaries that spoke have gone home. They left on Thursday or Friday (I don't remember) and we're all still surviving, but the mission is much different now. Three of the 5 of them had been assistants, and all but one had been zone leaders, so they were really the leadership of our mission. So, with them gone, younger elders are filling their positions, which is good, just a change. It's interesting to see people change as a result of different assignments though. You can almost see the weight physically weighing on them and changing them. They behave differently when they know more people are looking at them and to them.

I don't remember much else from this week.... We went to Ayntop and did service for a new member out there (unexpectedly I might add, so in skirts), and it was HOT out. By the time we finally came back to the city for our lunch my head was POUNDING. So, I took a good long nap before we went back out. Then on Thursday I woke up really sick. I had been a bit sick on Wednesday, but thursday was bad. I had woken up in the middle of the night now able to breathe cause my nose was so plugged and I had bad chills and just couldn't get warm. So I slept in a bit on Thursday morning. We had planning, so we got to stay in for the afternoon, and then it was pouring rain, we had no meetings set up and I felt like crap, so we stayed in and I slept hard. We still met with Julietta that night though cause she lives close and is easy to teach. Friday we went back out to Ayntop (this time on drugs :) ), and Saturday did said service with said barf. haha. We also tried to pick up a new investigator out past Ayntop. She wasn't interested, but she plays the piano AMAZING, so she played for us for like 20 minutes. By the time we went to leave it was pouring again, with crazy lightening, and our bus wouldn't come. So we started walking and it finally did come... and promptly broke down about 10 minutes later haha. So, we just took a taxi. Yesterday church was fine. I still wasn't feeling great, so it was tough staying in missionary mode, but I did, until I got home and then I died in my bed again. Today I am finally feeling much better, probably about 90-95%.

So... that was our week. We weren't able to meet with *K* again because his work schedule is weird, but he came to church again yesterday. We're thinking we're going to have to move back his date cause we still haven't been able to teach the word of wisdom and they have to live it for 2 weeks prior to their baptism. He is still reading the Book of Mormon too though, apparently he's almost done 2 Nephi, which is really awesome, especially because he isn't a strong reader. Other than him *A* and *S* are doing okay. *S* is more seriously investigating than *a*, but we'll see what happens. I have been at internet for a long time and I am sick of sitting and typing. SO, I love you all. The church is true. Keep the commandments and honour your covenants. That is what will bring the greatest joy and peace in your lives. I know you've heard it before, but seriously. I mean it.

Sister Smith

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