Tuesday, June 14, 2011

week 18


That is right. This weekend my heart was broken. Probably in about 100 pieces... maybe more, I can't tell. I will start at the beginning of the week just to keep you all on your toes and paying attention :)

So Monday we did a legit P-day and went to get Sister Deaver's hairs did. On our way home a man tried to kiss Sister Deaver and I was very prepared to hurt him. He's lucky he let go of her face when she pulled away and I approached. Freaking creep. Don't worry parents, we're totally safe here. Haha. But really, it was on a main street in the middle of the day so nothing would have happened and we don't talk to men alone at night when it's dark. Anyway, we gave that guy as a referral to the missionaries in his area who happened to be the assistants and he may or may not have yelled at them. Really I think they should have been the ones yelling at him.

A lot of this week was spent helping *Z* (a preparing missionary) get the rest of the things she needs for her mission and then ummm.... I don't even know what else. This week was a little rough. We had a hard time getting meetings and then the meetings we did have were not awesome.

In lighter news, our investigator *J* seems to be doing really well. We meet with her several times a week, and she ALWAYS feeds us so much way good food. I think she is probably the best cook in the country, that I have encountered so far at least. *J* is keeping the word of wisdom so far (which is a miracle because the norm is for people to drink wine over Easter), and should be ready for her baptism in a couple of weeks. We are excited for it and for her. Now we just want her to get further into the Book of Mormon. That will be our focus the next couple of weeks I think. *M* is still doing well. She was sick this weekend so she didn't make it to church, but we saw her yesterday and will see her again tonight and she's still doing well. I love her and her girls so much.

Alright, I guess we're getting to the big news now since I can't think of any other news. Ugh. So, on Saturday we had a rough day. We had a really hard time getting meetings, and then we had to go shopping again for *Z's* mission, but right before we left for that President Carter asked if he could talk to Sister Deaver at our church building for a few minutes later. So, we shopped in suspension, and then met with him. He told us that there is a bit of a surprise transfer and that Sister Deaver is getting transfered up to Vanadzor. My heart sunk and then the tears started flowing. We had all last week just been talking about how much we love each other, about how well we work together, and how we wanted to just stay together here in Shengavit until she goes home. We have finally got to the point where we can teach 50:50 because I can follow whats going on much better and because we just finally got into our groove with teaching together. So, of course things were too good to be true. I am still really really sad. Anyway, that was all we knew on Saturday night, and on Sunday morning we got the official transfer call. I will be staying in Shengavit and Sister Brower will be coming to me here. It is really overwhelming that I have to teach this HUGE area to her. Sometimes I feel like I can do it, but other times I feel like its going to be impossible. And its just going to be so weird teaching with someone else. And I want to make sure that our investigators are still well-taken care of. So, I am stressed and sad. Sister Deaver leaves tomorrow morning. So this is our last day.

Yesterday was a fun day though. We went with the Carters and the 4 other missionaries in our branch to our branch president's house out in Kharbert (a village south of Yerevan) to do yard work for him. It was a gorgeous day and he has baby bunnies.... sooo.... yeah. Even the elders were acting ridiculous about the bunnies. More so than us sisters. They were giving like eskimo kisses and rubbing them on their faces.... it was pretty entertaining. They also had a ton of chickens just hanging out in their yard so one of the elders was chasing them around all day. We had to break tiles at one point to make into concrete or something? (I'm not really sure how that works), so we were tossing those things around and punching them. I may or may not have broken one on my head. And punched a couple. I was successful at breaking one, but now my knuckle is a little bruised. Woops. It was fun though and now I have a bit of a tan/almost sun burn. I am going to die this summer, its already super nice out.

So, that was my week. Every one is a new adventure and a roller coaster. It is kind of exhausting. Actually, completely exhausting. Especially because we never want to go to bed at night because our time together is so short now so we just want to talk and play our Armenian Monopoly. Haha. That's right, we have an Armenian Monopoly board. It is so rad. (Mom have you noticed yet that I am trying to avoid the word amazing after you mom-burned me? haha. good one.) This next week should be really interesting too. I will have a new companion which will bring new challenges and experiences, but I am also hoping that I will learn a lot from her and that we will have fun together and do some really good work together.

So, the message for the week is, don't get too content with life, because then it will change. But when it does change, don't be a wimp and break down like me... be a champ and face it head-on. I just have to keep telling myself that I can do hard things. I can, and I will. That is why I am here.

I really am so grateful for this gospel. I know that Christ is our Saviour and that He atoned for us. I know that He was resurrected and that He lives again and can and will help you through each trial of your life as YOU make the effort to turn to Him and follow Him. That is why I am here!

I love you all!

Sister Smith

ps I am really really really sad that I missed out on Ukrainian easter eggs.... and that I'm gonna miss out again next year. Freak. When I get home (even though it'll be the middle of the summer) we are pulling that stuff out and I am doing an egg!

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