Tuesday, June 14, 2011

week 21 Sometimes you just have to interpret crazy people's dreams....

Howdy howdy howdy,
So the subject title is in reference to a lady that we triedto pick up as a new investigator this week. We met with her at the church andshowed her The Restoration video and then started trying to invite her to betaught. We didn’t get very far though before she started telling us about hercrazy dreams and asking us to interpret them for her. Needless to say, we didn’tpick her up haha. Too bad.
Well, last Monday we had Julietta’s baptism and it wasbeautiful. I pretty much had to plan the whole thing because Sister Deaver wasgone and Sister Brower doesn’t really know anyone yet. It was stressful tryingto find people to give the talks, but it worked out really well. It was a niceservice AND ALL of her kids came. It was a miracle! Haha. She has 5 boys andone daughter. They are all teens and older, so I thought there was no chance ofthem coming, but they did. Her sister and mom and nieces who were just baptizeda few weeks ago were also there. It was so nice to have so much of her familythere supporting her. President Carter then went to work and invited her familyto FHE at his house tonight. I don’t know if they’ll all come again, but we’regonna try! I was worried about Julietta waiting all week before she could receivethe Gift of the Holy Ghost, but we visited her several times, and she made itthrough. I didn’t understand a word of the blessing because our chapel is soecho-ey and I have a hard time understanding our branch president who did theblessing, but I assume that it was beautiful haha.
We did a lot of unproductive walking this week which was alittle depressing, but by yesterday we were busy again. Some days you just can’tmake anything work out, and then other days (like yesterday) you are running aroundso busy that you don’t even have time to take your lunch. I definitely preferthose days. I like to be busy and to be working. But sometimes I guess I needthe slow days to remind me that I like to be busy and working.
We are also working right now with a man. Ithink I’ve mentioned him before. He is doing really well. We have only met withhis twice, but he has come to church twice and is reading the Book of Mormon really well. This week when we met we asked how it was coming along and he saidhe had gotten to 1Ne 13. Then Sister Brower asked if he had a favourite part,not really expecting an answer cause usually there isn’t one. But he said yes, andthat it was the Tree of Life. He then went on to explain what the tree of lifeand the fruit mean. Sister Brower then asked about the Iron Rod and he was like“yeah, that’s the word of God” WHAT!? So good. You are probably not as excitedas we were because you just don’t know how little is usually understood.Anyway, from there we went to Moroni’s Challenge and invited him to continuepraying, and to pray in that way to know if it’s true. And then we went to 2 Ne31 where the Doctrine of Christ is explained. We read the invitation fromChrist to follow him and be baptized and then I invited him to be baptized andhe said yes! So, we should be having another baptism in a few weeks. I am superexcited. And he is really such a good guy – we need more of those in the churchhere.  The next step is to meet hisfamily!
Other than him, we just have 3 new investigators. One of them is **, ** daughter who is turning 8 in June. I LOVE thisgirl! When we asked her if she wanted to get baptized she said she didn’t knowso we told her to think about it. So at church yesterday we asked her again andshe said “ha”, which means yes. Haha. The other two are cousins who we receivedas referrals from a member from Vanadzor who Sister Brower is good friendswith. We went over last night and got to know them and played some uno withthem (uno…. Bringing people to the gospel, one round at a time), and then gotinto our lesson. They have questions about the necessity of the Book of Mormon,but I think they are genuinely interested and will give it all a fair chance. Ilove them both already. They are so cute. The lesson last night was coolbecause it was so focused on the Book of Mormon, and I just finished reading itagain a couple of days ago. When I finished I prayed and felt good about it andwas reassured that it is true. But then in the lesson as I was testifying of itI just felt the Spirit so strong bearing witness of it. I hope they felt thattoo and that they will act on those feelings. That is the ONLY way you can cometo know its true – by acting, aysinkn (in other words) reading and praying. 
The new group of elders from the MTC is coming in this week.There are just 3 elders, and 5 elders are going home , so there are going to besome big changes (closing of areas or something). I am pretty sad about theelders leaving. Most of them are in leadership positions and I look up to thema lot. They are really great missionaries. But it’s time to bring some newpeople in, and so goes the circle of life haha. Oh, I also had a verydepressing realization this week. When Sisters Deaver, Hallewell and Crego allleave in 7-10 weeks I will be the oldest person in the mission …. I’m only 22!That’s just not fair! L
I can’t think of any other news to share, so I guess I’llstop here!

Keep being the wonderful people that you are! I love you!
Sister Smith

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