Thursday, January 6, 2011

Week 4- Can't believe it's been a month


I have not left myself much time to write a big email cause I was writing some little ones. But I will try to get my fingers to move fast enough to make this satisfactory for you all.

Everything has been going really well. I am still progressing well with the language and I love it! Armenian is so cool. I love how it sounds and feels and it just makes sense to me! I reread what I wrote about my setting apart blessing and it is coming to fruition so exactly. I remember Pres Thomas said that I would be able to learn easily the complexities of the alphabet and the grammar. I love the grammar, I find it easy, and the alphabet was not the challenge I thought it would be. Where I am struggling a little is just with memorizing words, but I know that will come along as I work harder at it. I also need to practice speaking it more (its called SYL, speak your language). I need to SYL WAY more! That being said, I did win the Tahkahvor tie (king's tie), which is what we use as our incentive to SYL. Basically we all vote at the end of each day for the person who SYLed the most, and whoever wins gets the tie and everybody has to do what they say all the next day. I had it on Christmas... which means I was the first to get it. But I am still humble, don't worry. I am severely humbled every time we going to TRC and I realize that I don't really know anything yet. BUT being humbled is what I need. It keeps me motivated.

This last Sunday was last Sunday, and it was an amazing day. I LOVED our fast and testimony meeting. The Spirit was so strong. The mood was set by a musical number by two departing elders. I completely forgot to tell you about them! I love them. They are Elders Greciano (from Spain) and Elder Baret (from Belgium). They are now in Greece! They were our zone leaders when we first got here. At first I just thought they were weird and awkward, but they were the best of the best! They were such good examples of exact obedience and discipline. Everybody loved them for it, which gave me hope. Anyway, their song was by no means musically good, but it was beautiful and invited the Spirit none-the-less. In addition to that, I had been having a few rough days. I felt disliked because ... well as you all know, I can be a little harsh with people, and that was not appreciated. I wasn't being mean or anything, but its just that when I see things being done that are against the rules, I say something about it, but not always in the best way. I still know its good to be obedient and to encourage obedience, but I think some people in the district felt that I was enforcing rather than encouraging. Anyway, I was very humble on Sunday, which really helped me to feel the Spirit because I was seeking it so desperately. I bore my testimony of my knowledge that this is where I need to be right now. I finally really received my answer to whether or not I should serve a mission haha. That just goes to show that sometimes you have to just do without fully knowing before hand. Anyway, This is where I need to be to learn the things I need to learn. And soon I will be in Armenia where I will be able to teach people what they need to know to have true peace and joy in their lives. I am so excited, although still quite nervous. It is going to be amazing though.

I have 1 minute! I love you all! I hope all is well. I pray for you and I am grateful for your love and prayers!

Sister Smith

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