Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week 3

That is what we say when we're too lazy to say shnorhakalootsyoon, which means thankyou haha.
Thanks everybody for helpingt o make Christmas and my birthday joyous occasions. I got all the packages on time. I laughed so hard when I opened the kettle... I kinda guessed thats what that would be... so I guess I can use that now instead of heating up the water in the microwave.
I wrote a real letter on Christmas about christmas so as soon as I finish that I will send it so you can have more details than I can give on here with my limited time. Just dome highlights, Elder Nelson and his wife (who lived in Calgary for a long time before they married) can and spent almost the whole weekend at the MTC so we got to hear from them several times. It was pretty great. For my bday everybody was soooo sweeet. Sister Lindstrom (oh, I don't think i have told you about her yet- she is our roommate and in our zone. She is going to Latvia, but because she is a solo sister she is mine and sis Burnham's comp a lot of the time) made my bed and gave me a gift and had her aunt send cupcakes (she lives super close) and part stuff. And everybody wrote in a card for me and said happy birthday MULTIPLE times. It was really nice. I was so tired yesterday though, so I was kind of out of it for a lot of the day. All in all though, I felt loved. The balloon was hilarious ps. OH and THANK YOU for the healthy snacks!!! I don't need any more food for a long time, but I'm glad I have something familiar to eat that won't eat away at my stomach.
So this morning we got to go to the temple, but not to do a session. We spent 3 hours cleaning in all the little nooks and crannies (sp???). It was fun though and it was nice to be doing something with my body. It is crazy how clean they get the temples. It is because it is such a sacred place so they want everyone to feel special and comfortable there.
I have been singing in the choir lately with Sister Lindstrom. It has been fun and a nice change to the schedule. I really don't know what else to update you on though. We do pretty much the same things every day. Lots of studying with breaks for eating and gym. I am still enjoying myself a lot. I am more used to the schedule and I feel comfortable here. It is crazy to me that if I was english speaking I would already be gone! how do people feel ready after such a short period of time!!!??? Although, we spend most of our time learning the language so I guess if I didn't have to do that it wouldn't be so hard.
We had to teach all in Armenian again last night, but this time just to our teacher who was pretending to be one of his incestigators. It is still hard and it really hit me for the first time that pretty soon i am going to have to do that for real! AH! I hope by then I will be able to understand people's questions and be able to invite the spirit more by focusing on it instead of what to say next. It is so hard though! But we'll get it in time. I am still progressing well with the language. it's crazy but I think I am having an easier time with learning Armenian than I did with learning French. I have definitely been feeling greatly blessed by the Lord.
I love you all and I feel you love and prayers. They sustain me when I am having down moments. I am praying for you all as well. I pray that you will all accept and live the gospel as best you can because it brings so much joy to your life. I know it! Elder Snow of one of the seventies spoke to us and said that we are expected to become perfect. Perfect through Christ! And its EASY! All you have to do is have faith to repent. If you don't have the faith, it just starts with a desire. So let that desire work within you and it will grow and your desire can become faith which can become knowledge which will change your heart and bring you closer to God.
Yes Seeroom em kez!!!
Sister Smith

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