Friday, April 1, 2011

week 14

I have already written most of you little emails of your own so now I don't have much time remaining to write a big letter so you get pictures instead, which are probably better anyway!
This week was a little slow owing to sickness (not mine) and hence a little discouraging. But its all good. We just keep working to find what we call our "Robles Family". That is a family that is on the PMG DVD's - they are just a golden family, so we are looking for our Golden Family. While we're out contacting and stuff we'll see a cute little family and say "Robles, dook ek?" which means Robles? is that you? We think we're funny. But really, that is our goal right now. To find a good, strong family to add to the church here. Its hard work, but so worthwhile.
So, one of our potential Robles' families is ********* and his family. He is the man that knocked on our door saying he wanted to be baptized. So we went and taught them this week.... it was a little hanous (I have no idea how to spell that word) to say the least. We're pretty sure that he was drunk, and he was continually smoking during our meeting until we asked him to stop and the tv was on until we asked them to turn it off and it took a good 30 min to even start teaching cause they kept giving us tea (don't worry, just mint tea) and things to eat. It was ridiculous. And then when we started trying to teach he kept interrupting. This man is from Iraq and speaks Western Armenian, which is really different from Eastern, so I just didn't understand much at all, and then he kept tryign to translate to english, but his english is great either, so overall, it was not our best meeting ever haha. It was stressful.... but we need to go back. His kids and wife were all so cute, so we're going to keep working. Hopefully he'll be sober next time and a little more chill. He is super nice, and he is always saying how much he loves Jesus, so hopefully it'll all work out.
Um, one other highlight from the week was the best marshutni ride ever. Actually, it wasn't even the ride that was good, it was waiting for it to start. Frist we were waiting on the street for the marshutni and these crazy old people kept coming up to us. One man took Sister Deaver's Book of Mormon and walked away to sit down and steal things from it (pamphlets and things) and the lady made sister deaver give her candy for her grandkids. Oh this country! So amazing. And then once the marshutni got there it emptied out and the driver parked it to wait for passengers with the music blaring. Sister Deaver and I were the only ones in there and the music was SO GOOD! I'm just saying, its not wrong to listen to it if you have no control over it. It was sweet Armenian music - some from California (like the mini Armenia of America) and some from here. So, we had a dance party. And then we did some service for a member in Kharbert in the beautiful sunshine.
Ok, transfer news. Transfers are this week, but sister deaver and I are staying put in Shengavit. Meanwhile almost everything is changing around us. They are making a new zone, changing our district and there are new assistants and zone leaders. It's crazy! It should be interesting to see how things go with all the changes.
I am out of time! I love you all. Sorry I have no uplifiting/spiritual thought for the day. Go read your scriptures and make up a thought of your own to share with a friend!
Sister Smith

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  1. Dear CATlyn,

    Sounds like you are having a V. exciting time :) If that is a picture of your town on the top right hand side then you are v. lucky to be there experiencing everything. I just ordered my rats for my master's they are coming tomorrow so I am pretty excited about the research that is coming for the summer. I also just booked a trip to hawaii yyyyaaaaayyyyy so much fun. Here it just snowed a bunch and looks like Christmas time. I really really love the snow but everyone else is complaining and I find it pretty annoying. Hope that you are really enjoying your time and aren't too home sick.