Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 8

Hello again from Sunny Provo, Utah! Even though it is sunny it is still pretty cold. Nothing compared to Canada though. The people here are wimps about weather. haha, jk... kinda. Oh, we have a new district of English-speaking elders 4 of whom are going to Toronto. I like them mostly for that fact... haha, and they are hilarious. They are always SYLing too... in Canadian. I'm getting used to being made fun of all the time for being "America's hat" as Elder Strader from my district always tells me. Oh, I am working on a nice long letter describing all the people that I know and love here with pictures included, so you will soon have a better idea  of who I am talking about. I am planning on finishing and sending that today.

Alright, well this week was a little tough again because of things that I can't really mention, but everything is resolved/resolving, so it's all good. It was a good opportunity to learn and grow some more patience and humility. It is amazing; I think I have plenty, and that is when I realize I don't. Go figure.

Thank you all so much for fasting for my knee to heal. I think it is. It won't be holding me back from going on time, and it hurts much less often. It's really when I am sitting that its the worst, and soon I won't be doing much of that so its all good. I am so grateful for your faith and prayers!

Oh, so because I am "foreign" I get to go to SLC to temple square tomorrow. I am pretty excited to go do a session in the temple there and to just do something different! Its funny because plenty of the Americans here haven't ever been there and don't get to go, whereas I have been several times and I get to go. Oh well... lucky me!

What else is new.... Oh, so yesterday I started my SYL all the time goal. I am going to continue it until we leave. It was slightly interrupted yesterday because I was hosting new sisters again, which was fun. I couldn't do it this morning at the temple either... obviously... but its back on now. By the end of the day yesterday my head hurt so much from thinking so much and I couldn't put thoughts and sentences together anymore, but I feel like I learned a lot. I just don't have enough time to review absolutely everything we've learned just in my MDT, so this way I will just learn it by trial and error. Its kinda fun too once you get past the frustration of it. Its better to get used to it here than if I didn't start till I got to Armenia.

Armenia. Again I leave on the 16th, but I don't have my travel plans so I don't know what time or anything. I can still call home from the airport though, so I will give you the details probably next thursday. It is going to be weird talking to you again! I am excited, but honestly more excited to go to Armenia. I love you all so much, but I am so grateful that, like Irena, I am not missing you too much. That would be so hard.

Ok, I don't know what else to share. We have spiritual and uplifting things going on every day, but I just don't know what to share. The most important one is that Christ really is our Saviour. He literally has opened the doors for us to live with God again. Without Him and this amazing Plan of Salvation we wouldn't be able to live as a family again, which would break my heart. I love you all so much. As Elder Bednar says, "Be a good girl, be a good boy, honour your covenants, keep the commandments and the Lord with guide your footsteps. Open your mouth and He will fill it with inspired words..." That isn't the exact quote, it is just the way I remember it. But we have made covenants and promises to God. Know what they mean and keep them. If you haven't yet made covenants with the Lord (such as baptism), then go do it! (acts 22:6 or 16 I don't remember which) What in the world are you waiting for? You can't have full joy and full peace without them.

I love you all and I love hearing from you all!
Kooyr Smeet!
ps here are some fun phrases!
ayd kezee bahn (=oh my goodness... kinda)
staved tahnem (literally means I will carry your burdens or pains, but is used like "Oh my gosh")
There are many others but I am running out of time. Ahjorrhuoostyoon (I don't know how else to write that word in english, but it means goodbye)

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